13-8 Stainless Steel - Sheet, Plate, Bar, Forged Bar

UNS S13800, AMS 5268, AMS 5629, AMS 5864 

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13-8 Stainless Steel Specifications: 
AMS 5268, AMS 5629, AMS 5864,
UNS S13800

Alloy 13-8, Alloy 13-8 PH, 13-8 PH Stainless Steel

13-8 Stainless Steel Available Forms: 
13-8 Alloy Sheet, 13-8 Alloy Plate, 13-8 Alloy Bar, 13-8 Alloy Forged Bar


13-8 Stainless Steel Applications: 
Aircraft Components: landing gear, structural sections, valves, shafts

Components in the petrochemical and nuclear industries


Alloy 13-8 PH stainless steel  is a precipitation, age hardenable stainless steel. Stainless Steel 13-8's principal features are toughness, good resistance to general and stress corrosion cracking, and high strength that is developed by a single low temperature heat treatment. 


13-8 steel is composed primarily of steel, with chromium and nickel being the other major chemical properties.

Physical Properties

Melting Point: 2560 - 2680°F (1404 - 1471°C)
Density (Condition H1000): 0.280 lbs/in3 / 7.75 g/cm3
Modulus of Elasticity in Tension: 28.3 X 106 psi / 195 GPa

Mechanical Properties

Condition: Aged (H950) Tensile Strength Minimum (psi): 220,000
Yield Strength Minimum 0.2% offset (psi): 205,000
% Elongation in 2” Typical: 10%
Hardness: Rockwell C45

Condition: Aged (H1025) Tensile Strength Typical (psi): 185,000
Yield Strength Typical 2% offset (psi): 175,000
% Elongation in 2": 12%
Hardness: Rockwell C38

Condition: Aged (H1150) Tensile Strength Typical (psi): 135,000
Yield Strength Typical 2% offset (psi): 90,000
% Elongation in 2": 7%
Hardness: Rockwell C30

Heat Treatment

CONDITION A--Soak at 1700 F (927 C) and cool below 60 F (16 C) for 1 hour. CONDITION RH 950- Treat Condition A material at -100 F(-73C) for 2 hours, air warm to room temperature (within 24 hours of solution treatment). Then heat cold treated material to 950 F(510 C) for 4 hours and air cool. CONDITION H950, H1000, H1050, H1100, H1150- Soak solution treated material for 4 hours at specified temperature, air cool, CONDITION H1150M- Soak solution treated material at 1400 F (760 C) for 2 hours, air cool, then re-heat to 1150 F (620 C) for 4 hours and air cool.

Corrosion Resistance 

13-8's corrosion resistance is similar to that of Type 304 Stainless in strongly oxidizing and reducing acids and in atmospheric exposures. The alloy's level of general-corrosion resistance is greatest in the fully hardened condition and decreases slightly as the aging temperature is increased. In Condition H 950, rusting resistance is also similar to that of Type 304 Stainless.

Machinability & Forming

This is a tough machining stainless steel. Although it can be machined in all conditions, best results can be obtained in condition H1150M. Compared to type 304 stainless, speeds should be roughly 25 % lower for optimum tool life and finish.

This alloy can be formed using conventional techniques with the degree of formability being limited only by its high initial yield strength.


Soak at 2150 F(1177 C) for 1 hour prior to forging. Do not work below 1750 F(954 C). All forgings should be solution treated prior to final hardening. Air cool to room temperature after forging.

Hot & Cold Working

13-8 can be satisfactorily hot worked. Hot worked material must be solution annealed prior to hardening for reliable results. Despite its high initial yield strength, this alloy can be satisfactorily cold worked.

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