Inconel 718 - Sheet, Plate, Bar, Forged Bar

UNS N07718, AMS 5662, AMS 5596, AMS 5589 

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Inconel 718 Specifications: AMS 5662, AMS 5596, AMS 5589

UNS N07718 Werkstoff Nr 2.4668, AMS 5596 Sheet, Strip and Plate, AMS 5597 Sheet, Strip and Plate, AMS 5589 Seamless Tube, AMS 5590 Seamless Tube, AMS 5662 Bars, Forgings and Rings, AMS 5663 Bars, Forgings and Rings, AMS 5664 Bars, Forgings and Rings, AMS 5832 Welding Wire, ASTM B637 Forgings, ASTM B670 Plate, Sheet and Strip, AFNOR NC 19 Fe Nb , MSRR 7115 and MSRR 7116

Inconel 718 Available Forms: 718 Alloy Sheet, 718 Alloy Plate, 718 Alloy Bar, 718 Alloy Forged Bar

Inconel 718 Applications: Inconel 718 has been used for jet engine and high-speed airframe parts such as wheels, buckets, spacers, and high temperature bolts and fasteners.


Inconel 718 is a precipitation hardenable nickel-based alloy designed to display exceptionally high yield, tensile and creep-rupture properties at temperatures up to 1300 Degrees F. The sluggish age-hardening response of Inconel 718 permits annealing and welding without spontaneous hardening during heating and cooling. Inconel 718 has excellent weldability when compared to the nickel-base superalloys hardened by aluminum and titanium.


Alloy 718 is made up primarily of nickel (52%). Alloying elements include Iron (19%), Chromium (18%), Columbium+ Tantalum (5%), Molybdenum (3%), Titanium (0.9%), Aluminum (0.5%) with the addition of other elements in trace amounts such as Baron, Cobalt, Copper, Manganese and Silicon.

Physical Properties

718 features a melting point of 2300°c and possesses impressive tensile strength that lends itself well to the wide variety of industrial applications. The alloy has excellent performance in properties such as weldability and creep-rupture.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment schedules for wrought Inconel 718 are based primarily on considerations of solution and re-precipitation reactions of the gamma-prime and gamma-double-prime phases for strengthening and of delta phase for grain size control. The heat treatments generally involve a high temperature anneal for solutioning of these second phases followed by one or two lower temperature aging treatments to re-precipitate the strengthening phases in the desired distributions.Some strengthening precipitate generally forms on cooling from the solution annealing temperature. The first aging treatment coarsens this precipitate as well as forming additional precipitate. The second lower temperature aging treatment promotes additional fine precipitate for improved tensile strength and creep rupture life.

Standard heat treatment for most specifications includes a solution heat treatment in the range of 1750F to 1800F, followed by a duplex precipitation heat treatment of 1325F/8 hours with a ~100F/hour cool down to 1150F, and holding an additional 8 hours at 1150F, for a total precipitation heat treat time of 18 hours, then AC.  A second heat treat procedure involves slightly higher solutioning and aging temperatures. It is used for optimum ductility and low temperature toughness in heavy sections, although it can also produce notch brittleness in creep rupture and is not recommended for applications operating above 1000F. This heat treatment involves solution annealing above the delta solvus temperature, as follows:  Solution heat treat at 1950F, one-half to one hour, AC or faster; duplex precipitation heat treat at 1400F.

Corrosion Resistance

Inconel 718 possesses excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance. It also has good sea water corrosion resistance and it is attractive for marine applications.

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